What Is The Dreams Course?

First, it’s not an academic course nor is it therapy. There’s no “credit” except the credit you bring to and get from the Course itself. The Dreams Course is a method of attaining inner spiritual awareness and action through dreams. The goal is to discover authentic CONFIDENCE in our very being. Ultimately, it’s a mentorship course. My life would not be the life it has been without mentors entering my life at key moments and helping to guide me along. Now it’s my turn to be the mentor. The Course is unique because I don’t work in group settings. I work one-on-one and therein lies all the difference because that dynamic allows for authentic and energized dialogue and growth one can’t find in group settings.

Each dreamer has a preliminary INTERVIEW which includes analyzing a dream. From that interview, I then evaluate whether or not she is ready for the Course. 

The Course “syllabus” consists of learning five key Jungian terms, reading and analyzing Hermann Hesse’s DEMIAN (a novel of individuation), creating and memorizing your own unique mantra assembled from positive quotes, reciting parts of the poem THE INVITATION, writing memoir based on dreams, learning the six daily spiritual exercises that feed your spiritual Self. If you are a female, we will work on empowering your animus (confidence), and if you’re a male, we will work on connecting you to your anima (creativity). The “final exam” is an individuation challenge each dreamer creates in their own life.

The length of the Course is eight to ten “classes” over a period of two months.

A phone call “class” lasts about an hour. I’m comfortably retired and this is the purposeful mentoring work I’ve chosen to do. The donation is made directly by you to the MJFF and I will ask to see your donation receipt in advance. I take ten dreamers at a time and I am selective. I have a waiting list, but given the Course lasts only two months, dreamers rotate through usually creating an opening each week. 


Anyone interested in taking the Course must be able to remember their dreams on a regular basis and must be sincerely interested in becoming individuated. 


Is the Course meant for you? If the course description strongly resonates with you, I encourage you to email me at the address below to set up an interview and see where that takes us.



I work 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm (EST) including weekends.