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" life and my dreams have changed dramatically for the better."

“For as long as I can remember, about once or twice a month I would have an intense dream of a shadowy figure. He would stalk me, chase me, and sometimes transform into a monster, out to take me down. A few months into working with Steven, this recurring nightmare stopped, and I've never had it again. 

If you're reading this, you are a dreamer, eager for more information about translating your dreams, and curious as to how Steven might be able to help you. I was in your shoes not too long ago, listening to Steven on the Synchronicity podcast, and wondering what might happen if I reached out. 

I'm very glad I did, as my life and my dreams have changed dramatically for the better after working with Steven. 

Here's what happened as a result of my taking The Dreams Course:

1. Steven helped me identify what I really want to achieve in this lifetime. 

2. He helped me better understand how my internal states (or the ‘orchestra’ of internal voices as he likes to call it) are always working either for me or against me in attainment of my goals. 

3. He gave me tools to step into my rightful role of conductor of this internal orchestra, and now I know how to get it to make beautiful music when I set my mind to it.

4. He helped me understand how my dreams are always offering clues to this entire process: where I'm at on my path, what's going well, and what I still need to work on.

If you are ready to start taking a closer look at how your internal world of dreams, imagination, and creativity are impacting your external reality, and how you can utilize them to have an improved existence on this planet, don't hesitate to reach out to Steven.”

- Michelle 

“…I am following my inner self and having FUN.”

“I have been listening to your podcasts repeatedly, they bring so much light into my days! I took your advice, I made a drop list... and am solely focusing on my PhD and well-being... I feel the happiest I have ever felt. Especially the past few weeks, I find myself following my inner self and somehow making every task I do fun. I’ve been laughing more, and smiling more, and I recite my quotes on my drive to work. In fact, I finally got my ring. I’ll send you pictures. I’ve been realizing something about my PhD work... I am more successful and have almost no anxiety when I am following my inner self and having FUN. My scientific curiosity, enthusiasm, and passion has always stemmed solely from my creativity. If I am going to succeed in science, I need to do it from my inner self. If you are accepting students, I would really love to work with you again and begin the creativity course... it’s time.”

- Arielle 

"He adores helpful Dreamers take their lives into full color."

“Steven Kampmann walks the talk. He lives the words he speaks. He is a whole fucking person. He lives for mentoring and passing along wisdom he has gained. He adores helping Dreamers take their lives into full color. The Dreams Course mentorship Steven offers includes one-on-one phone calls working with your dreams, Jungian archetypes, and the novel DEMIAN by Herman Hesse. No bullshit allowed. There IS a final exam/project. Integration, Individuation and Externalization are the name of the game. I’m in heaven. Or a dream. Or maybe both.” :) 

- Paula 

"I have transformed and healed in ways unimaginable all thanks to The Dreams Course."

“I just wanted to share with you some things I have learned from our time working together. I have been in a very reflective state, and this probably isn’t even half of it. I'm so grateful for being led to you, and I know it was all aligned and meant to be. I am in eternal gratitude to be able to add you to my list of guides and mentors. I will never forget our conversations and work together, and I am honored to have gotten this opportunity, which I will do for others one day. 

I have transformed and healed in ways unimaginable all thanks to The Dreams Course. Because of Steven’s guidance, I have found my voice and power within. I began the course as a lost, heartbroken, weak, and insecure person who is now strong, free and resilient. I have found the path back to my inner self and know with confidence where I am headed along my journey.

SURRENDER (stop resisting and accept), move on, l e t g o, ask yourself: what can I learn from this? What has this taught me about myself or the world? What was this meant to teach me?

Every human sees the world from their perspective and lived experiences, each and every human is on their own path.

You are NOT your thoughts and emotions! Must separate and observe them, treat with kindness, do not get lost in thoughts or let them take over.

There is no backtracking. Embrace rebirth. THE STRUGGLE IS PART OF THE JOURNEY - will be better equipped to handle life’s experiences! Healing is non-linear, up and down, your work is never ‘done,’ always more to uncover, process and expand.

Treat every situation and risk as a new experience, an opportunity to grow and learn and expand → FEAR is what limits it.

FEAR = energy depletion, pass onto children, (Must transform fear energy and counter it all the time!)

Fuck the victim role! The “poor me” bit is pathetic. 

You are going to attract people who are at your energy level, where your own growth is at. When you are your best self, you will attract people who are their best selves.

God is within you, everything and everyone is God, Source, ENERGY, you are eternal, MAGIC! Self = innermost part of you, connected to source, will lead you to where you need to be.

Importance of the five Spiritual Foods!: Breathe, Beauty, Gratitude, Create, Service, (I include Nature now, too).

“Follow your bliss and doors will open where once there were walls.”

You are the conductor of your inner symphony! Awareness of voices and counteract the bad ones all the time!

Dreams are the portal to our subconscious. What emotion are you experiencing in the dream and how does it manifest in your real life?

Turn pain and bullshit into gratitude and blessings, opportunity in everything!

Tell fear, anxiety, sadness to FUCK OFF! It does not control you!

Trust your inner light, follow it and it frees you! Take risks and pay off is synchronicities.

Animus: key towards confidence and assertiveness and firm and decisive! Make it strong and you trust self and instincts.

Anxiety = lost connection with intuition and inner self - wake up everyday and work on your game! Must change perception to NOT fear/anxiety based.

Surround yourself with strong people taking risks and fulfilling life; attract it.”

- Alicea

"Working with Steven has been an essential step in my own personal individuation journey."

“Steven is a special, enlightened soul in this world. From knowing him during my darkened high school days a decade ago to now, he has been an on-and-off mentor, and one I will always cherish. 

Steven reached out to me in an act of synchronicity during the chaos of mid-2020, just as I was beginning to seek out a Dreams Mentor. In other words, I set my intention, shared it with the goddesses, and they sent me Steven. 

He arrived just in time. Working with Steven has been an essential step on my own personal individuation journey. He came to me at a time when I had done all the work I could on my own, and was left in need of a ripe kick in the butt to pull me outside myself and into my Self. 

Steven is great at this. As teacher and mentor, he will hold you accountable in honoring your path, customize introspective homework that works for the individual, such as journaling prompts and ‘Dream Memoir’ prompts that guide you in engaging with the archetypal characters and elements of your deeper world. And much more. This is powerful work, and not for the faint of heart. Go to Steven if you feel you are ready for this. If you feel you are ready to face your Shadow and embark or continue on your own inner odyssey. Be ready to do the real work. It will change your life as it did mine. 

Be brave and not wallow in darkness. Steven's bright wit, humor, and wisdom can light your way.”

- Adriana

"The Dreams Course really helped me get to the bottom of what's been holding me back..."

“I am obsessed with the Dreams Course! It's really had the most amazing impact on how I now view myself. Taking my dreams seriously has profoundly helped me step into my own power as a human being and eliminate a lot of subconscious blocks that I didn’t even realize that I still had around: self-doubt, self-worth, being good enough. I THOUGHT I’d resolved all those things, but learning how to tap into my dreams as a way of getting to know myself better has given me this new tool, to be able to breakthrough in those times when I‘m feeling stuck in my life - like I’m not where I want to be. 

Your dreams are always telling you something that you need to know. There’s a message coming through that your subconscious is trying to get you to pay attention to. Knowing how to decipher that message - that is the key to stepping into the fullest, most authentic expression of yourself. Your dreams are the key to connecting those dots in your life. 

The Dreams Course really helped me get to the bottom of what’s been holding me back - and once I gained that new perspective and awareness of the different dynamics that are going on inside of me, in my inner world, my outer world started shifting and I finally got my business off the ground that I’d been struggling at for over a year and the Dreams Course 100% helped me step into my own power to where I was finally now able to achieve that! 

What I learned in The Dreams Course are quite possibly the most important things that I’ve learned in my entire life. Steven is phenomenal to work with. He’s REAL and I walked away from every single conversation with my mind blown and feeling SO incredibly empowered. If you feel called to dive into your dreams, take the Dreams Course - you’ll love yourself for it!”

- Meredith

"I learned a lot about my true self and what I no longer need to allow in my life."

“Working with Steven has been such a privilege. As a lifelong avid dreamer, I went into the course excited to understand more about what dreams might be trying to tell me. I saw immediate results. Through the gradual build up of understanding and new tools at my fingertips, I learned a lot about my true self and what I no longer need to allow in my life. I have felt a sustained lightness and ease since completing the course, and have even taken the first steps towards starting my own business. Each teaching carries on in my day-to-day, helping me harness my power!"

- Danielle

"I highly recommend that Dreams Course. By waking up to your inner dreamspace and the wonder and magic that surrounds us, we can truly embrace a more meaningful and satisfying experience, in our day-to-day and beyond."

Hi, I’m Kestrel, a psychotherapist and astrologer in Boulder, Colorado. I wanted to pop on here today to offer my gratitude and love for Steven Kampmann and his Dreams Course, including this journey I have been on since the Summer of 2019. I first discovered Steven through a peer, who guided me to the podcast called Synchronicity with Noah Lampert—interviewing Steven—and as a result I was immediately intrigued. I have always had a very profound dream life and I was yearning to go deeper while also being more of a resource to myself and clients. The journey has wended and winded to all sorts of incredible places and although I’m still evolving and refining my own Self Actualization process, I wanted to offer a taste of my experience and how I’ve been positively impacted and changed. As a psychotherapist (and of course, plain old human being), I feel like it’s truly an alchemical exploration to remembering our wholeness. Steven will often talk about the ‘orchestra inside of us’ and I think about it as our ‘parts, personas, identities.’ We very much normalize ‘parts’ in our day-to-day life. ‘Part of me feels this way….part of me is ambivalent, lazy, hungry, tired, sad, happy, alive.…’ and we have an opportunity to integrate ‘the parts’ through the dreamscape and other numerous tools. For me, I have intermittently struggled with feeling fragmented and at times not really knowing or being able to return to the Self -- so by more concretely exploring the dreams with Steven, incorporating Jungian concepts/archetypes, I was able to arrive at a deep knowing that I am part of this divine oneness or collective unconscious—I belong. I learned to recognize the archetypes of my own masculine/feminine (Animus/Anima) showing up consistently in my dreams and I gradually realized that they were guiding me to my greater gifts and potentials. In turn, I was able to better utilize (affirm) them in my waking life in service to myself and others. Naturally, I have a strong Anima (it’s inherent to my nature/essence, but at times compulsory)—it’s easy for me to be receptive, intuitive, nurturing and caring. Part of my journey has been to strengthen and develop my Animus, arriving in a more powerful and undefeated place…awakening and breaking out of my own egg! A strong voice. It was never the goal to cancel out my Anima or to let my Animus win or dominate over the other, but rather to invite a merging of a third entity--love and the divine union inside of me. Helping the two polarities (yin/yang) to dance and entwine inside of me like two beautiful snakes, ascending. Some of the ways that the course helped me do this was speaking to Steven, but also reading Demian, by Hesse; unpacking and understanding my dreams and making their messages tangible; memorizing and reading strong Animus quotes or reading empowered, action oriented and embodied female voices. Another was really embracing the Psyche Myth or Aphrodite’s 4 tasks to Psyche (outlined in Jean Shinoda Bolen’s book, Goddesses in Everywoman) to further develop her own Animus—discerning between competing priorities in my life; taking a stance, but not getting into harm’s way; being able to span out and see the bigger picture; and really learning how to say “no!” while staying true to my own path/calling while the needs of others appealed or drained from my caring nature. I do feel a more authentic presence as a therapist and perhaps I’m more readily available to assist clients to step more into their own lives, not wasting time and with healthy boundaries. As I leave you here, I highly recommend the Dream Course. By waking up to your inner dreamscape and the wonder and magic that surrounds us, we can truly embrace a more meaningful and satisfying experience, in our day-to-day and beyond.